What a week for Women’s Golf!

I never like to wake up on a weekend without a tee time but this morning I woke up feeling inspired by what is happening in the world of golf this week. The FIRST major of the year (my favourite) ANA with a terrific leader in IK Kim who in 2012 missed a 2 footer to win at Mission Hills. A Ladies event at Augusta National the week before The Masters! And of course, the event that I have had the privilege to participate in The Jordan Mixed Open. The buzz on social media is amazing and my timeline has never been more full of inspirational story lines in women’s golf. Because of this I want to share my experience from Jordan with you.

After a fantastic couple days in Aqaba at Ayla Golf Club the stats don’t lie. 20 LET members made the cut, 25 Challenge Tour players and 21 Staysure (seniors.) In a field of 123 that sounds pretty good to me. Going into the 3rd and final round 2 ladies are in the top 10 (including the leader) 4 are in the top 20, 9 in the top 35 and as mentioned before 20 made the cut. No matter who wins today the event has been a massive success and the most fun I have had on tour in a LONG time. I played with Daan Huizing from the Challenge Tour and Paul Streeter from the Staysure Tour. I was nervous walking to the 10th tee on Thursday not knowing what to expect, would they speak to me? Would they say good shot? Would it really be THAT different?? Instantly, when Paul and Daan introduced themselves I realised, this was going to be fun. They both played great over the two days, in fact they are playing with fellow LET member Meg MaClaren in the last group in the final round today! Obviously, we all played from different tees and it must be said that the set up was very good. The par fives were accessible to most everyone playing male or female and the par threes were challenging. Paul is one of the longer hitters on Staysure and he took advantage of that and Daan wasn’t one of the longer players on Challenge Tour but a fantastic putter so they both took advantage of their skill sets. I was often in a similar place on the fairway as Paul, he was definitely a couple clubs longer than me but that didn’t really bother me because often I had somewhere between 80-130 yards in. I heard no complaints from anyone about the set up favouring any tour which was a pleasant surprise to me! I went into the week thinking at least one of the tours would be disappointed, it is impossible to please us all but I think they have! 

Meghan MaClaren could make history today. And many of you may know and follow Meg. She is one of the most outspoken players on tour regarding gender equality and it takes a lot of guts to perform as she has this week. As she said herself, “If I am going to write and talk about it all the time, then I better back it up with my golf!” I’d say she already has. Imagine today a woman won the Jordan Mixed Open the same day a ladies event is being played at Augusta National? How good would that be?! 

At the end of today, it really doesn’t matter who wins because the concept of The Jordan Mixed Open is the real winner. No doubt, things are changing. From playing with the men at The Vic Open for equal prize money to playing against them this week in Jordan. It is ALL positive and I am so thrilled to be a part of it! 


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