Q & A

Q: What is your dream four ball?
A: Definitely Phil Mickelson who is my favourite player ever, Barack Obama, and Nancy Lopez.

Q: What would be your last meal ever?
A: Dumplings from Din Tai Fung

Q: What is your favourite golf course?
A: Scotland: North Berwick
USA: Torrey Pines South

Q: What is your go to Karaoke Song?
A: 4 Non Blondes “What’s up”

Q: What is your Favourite City?
A: This is such a tough one!! Top 3 are Melbourne Australia, San Diego California, and Edinburgh

Q: Favorite TV Show?
A: RuPaul’s Drag Race

Q: Who Would you choose to sit next to on a 10 hour plane ride?
A: Probably in first class Amy Schumer because she is hilarious and I think we would have fun!

Q: Favorite Movie?
A: Pulp Fiction

Q: Favorite Movie?
A: Pulp Fiction